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ASJA Contracts Watch look up your organization before you sign that contract
Author-Agent Contract model contract from SFWA
Contract Tips for Freelancers American Society of Journalists and Authors looking out for you and me
Electronic Publishing: Fiction and Fact in newspaper and magazine contracts, article from ASJA
Electronic Rights in Publishing Contracts from lawyer Ivan Hoffman
Electronic Rights for Authors from Adler & Robin Books
Hardcover Book Contract model contract from SFWA
Improving Your Book Contract tips from The Authors Guild
Stupid publisher tricks article from
Ten Key Negotiating Points in an Author-Publisher Agreement

Australian Copyright Council
Canadian Copyright Office
Copyright and Fair Use in the Classroom, on the Internet, and the World Wide Web
Copyright Council of New Zealand
Copyright Association of Ireland
Copyright Law in the United States a step-by-step explanation of copyright and technology law
Copyright Law for Theater
Copyright Licensing Agency
Creative Commons Add-in for Microsoft Office enables you to embed Creative Commons licenses directly into Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents
Filing a Copyright Application Electronically  
US Copyright - Literary Works
US Copyright - Performing arts
What is Copyright? a general breakdown on how the US laws work
Writers, Artists, and Their Copyright Holders find out who owns the copyright to US or UK works
Office Tools

Artist's Health Insurance Resource Center insurance companies, membership organizations, and unions and guilds where you can obtain an individual health plan health and life insurance for artists
Business templates print your own brochures
Calendar Zone everything that happens everywhen, everywhere
Check for Plagiarism
Copyscape search for copies of your website or content on the web
Ergonomic Workspace Planner
FedEx Tracker track FedEx shipments
Freelance Fees Guide from the National Union of Journalists
Frequently Asked Questions about US ISBN from RRBowker
An Incomplete Guide to Print-on-Demand Publishers you're paying for it, get the facts
International Cost of Living Calculator see how much money you'd have to make in another country
International ISBN Agency
Interview Release Agreements for those odd times when a release might be important
Issuu brilliant online document presentation site
MailChimp free (or inexpensive) email newsletter marketing
Metric Conversion Calculator
myebook electronic flippable version of your book
National Association for the Self-Employed
Online Conversions convert anything to anything else
Online ISBN Application the only electronic form accepted by the U.S. ISBN Agency
Online Translators
Postal Calculator Australia
Postal Calculator Canada French or English
Postal Calculator New Zealand
Postal Calculator New Zealand  for international mail
Postal Codes Australia
Postal Domestic Rate Calculator US
Postal International Rate Calculator US
Proofreading Symbols
Resume Builder
Telephone Country Codes
Telephone Directories on the Web yellow pages, white pages, business directories, email addresses and fax listings from more than 170 countries
Telephone Search Engine calling code instructions from each of the world's nations to any other nation
The Pauper dedicated to helping the artist and entertainment community get a better handle on their money and finances
SeatGURU pick the best seat on your next business flight
Time Zone Converter the time anywhere in the world
Universal Currency Converter
US Shipping Labels print labels with or without postage
US Trademark Search
US Zip Code Lookup
Webs free web space and simple website builder get on the web now!
Zamzar free online file conversion, format to format

Legal & Taxes
Digital Journalist's Legal Guide
Photographers Rights Australia
Photographers Rights Canada
Photographers Rights New Zealand
Photographers Rights UK
Photographers Rights US

The Publishing Law Center articles and info about law and contracts - keep in mind, this is a site from a lawyer's office, but the information is valuable
Starving Artists Law self help legal information for artists and writers
Tax Aspects of Authors/Writers/Screenwriters
The Pauper legal matters for artists
Promotion, PR & Marketing
Anatomy of a Press Release
Business templates print your own brochures
EventCaster free listing for your signings and literary events
How to write a Press Release
How to write a Press Release (a different site)
Marketing Matters newsletter
Press Release Writing Tips
Stock Layouts free brochure, newsletter, letterhead templates (check "free templates")
Automated Manuscript Management Software freeware package to track your stuff, from Sandbaggers
Calendar Templates free Microsoft Word calendars
Microsoft Office Template Gallery pre-made MSWord style guides for printing letters, brochures, business forms, CD labels, stationary and more, for free
PagePlus desktop publishing software, free version
Scrivener outline and structure your ideas, take notes, storyboard, keep track of research while you write Mac only (not free, but cheap)
Write Room a full screen, distraction free, writing environment. (Mac)
Zoho online wp, spreadsheet, conferencing

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