Need words? I've got 'em.

You do your job, I'll do mine

Why struggle with writing when your skills lie elsewhere? Why waste time? I'm a writer and editor who offers crisp, compelling, accessible copy that will connect with your readers and customers.

I've spent more than 20 years as a journalist and editor, honing exactly the abilities you need. If you want clear language for your website or your book, or for articles, brochures and collateral support material, letters, resumes or any other communication, I can turn drab text into clear and simple copy that will give your readers a great first impression.

I have edited and/or written thousands of stories about travel, food, health and science, government issues, politics and the arts.

Tell me what you need and I'll write it for you.

Give me your text and I'll make sure it has no spelling or punctuation errors; that the grammar, syntax and usage is first-class; and I will suggest revisions if the writing is convoluted or the thinking is cloudy.

First impressions are important

In business and in life, on the web or in print, the first impression is often made by words. How you write determines what people whether it's a casual reader checking out your Facebook page or a prospective customer visiting your website or reading your brochure think of you.

People appreciate good communication, and they'll often decide to buy based on what they see in those initial few seconds.

Let me and my team polish up those words, giving your readers a first-rate first impression.

My services
My guarantee to you:

Two decades as a working journalist gave me a solid and clear code of ethics: Every piece of writing that I work on or produce for you will be original work.

Jennifer Greenhill-Taylor