I have been a professional writer and editor for more than 20 years, using my rigorous but generous editing style to build productive relationships with staff journalists and freelance writers. I respect the writer's skills and style, as I spent many years as a reporter, learning from the other side exactly what kind of editing was the most successful. As a result of my study, I work closely with the writer to clearly determine needs and expectations.

Whether a resume or a book-length manuscript, I go through the text painstakingly, noting and correcting any errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar, deleting redundancies, and fixing syntax or format problems. On longer manuscripts, I'll do several reads to identify and rewrite problem sentences, sharpen vocabulary, tighten organization, reduce wordiness, focus the concept, clarify the narrative voice and generally refine and improve the writing.

Your copy will be treated with respect, and together we will produce something of which we both will be proud.

My services
My guarantee to you:

Two decades as a working journalist gave me a solid and clear code of ethics: Every piece of writing that I work on or produce for you will be original work.

Jennifer Greenhill-Taylor